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Costumes 101

October 31, 2011 — 4 Comments

I love Halloween. I always have. As a kid, there is nothing more mind-blowing than discovering that not only do you get to wear your dress-up clothes out of the house, but people will reward you for it with CANDY (as Jerry Seinfeld said, “Wait, who’s giving out candy? EVERYONE?”).

As I reflected on the years of Halloween past, I compiled a short list of the many looks I’ve donned over the years: Pioneer (I’m on the left), Little Red Riding Hood, Princess, Bride, Princess Bride, Cat, Secret Agent, Cheerleader, Degrassi Prom Queen, Flapper, and most recently, Cruella De Vil. While my Halloween identities have widely varied over the years, the one common thread between them is that they were all thrifted, and all awesome. My mom did an amazing job of rooting through the Salvation Army when we were kids to put together some seriously cohesive looks.

And this past Saturday, I did the very same. You see, we didn’t have much of anything planned for the evening, and I had quietly resigned myself to watching Buffy re-runs and littering my floor with tiny chocolate bar wrappers. But an impromptu trip to the Sally Anne with my sisters ingnited the Halloween spirit. Next thing I knew, I was walking out of the store with a faux-fur black jacket and a De Vil-ish vision in mind. We made a few more stops at other thrift stores, and my Cruella came to life! My sister Laura took a similar approach to her bird of paradise, and my sister Adele slid into my Flapper costume from last year, looking fit for a night out with Gatsby.

Now, before I reveal to you our sensational costumes, I rounded up some “new costume” comparables. They suck. They look cheap, cost a fortune, and say “SKANK” in big, cheap synthetic letters.They perfectly illustrate why thrifting always makes for a better costume.

Skankalicious, huh? And these lazy costumes cost $60 – each! Wigs and accessories not included. What a rip-off my friends, what a rip-off.

I now present to you our second-hand, first-place alternatives 😀

And of course, a break-down of our sweet disguises:

The final piece to any costume is attitude. For instances, I made ridiculous faces all night long and threatened to make coats out of peoples’ pets, and it was fantastic fun. So, if you still want to rock a Halloween look tonight, skip the Wal-Mart and get ye to a Salvation Army.

Oh, a live prop never hurts either. Thanks, Maggie the cat.

Now lookie here! A second post! So this blog is not destined to sit unloved and unread by the masses. Wondeful!

So, what do I have for you today? Just a peak at the look I plan to rock all the way to the pub to hear my favourite 12 year old fiddle prodigy (not kidding, that’s actually what I’m doing tonight). This little number is built around the sweet sweater dress I found at Talize last winter. I loved the sleeves, and gray is an oh-so-versatile colour. I’ve probably only worn it three times since then. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you why – the sweater dress is a fickle friend. It’s too hot for the summer, and too cold for the winter. There is a very small window of time in the fall where you can pull them out and be comfortable. Today is one of those days!

I’ve put it with a floral scarf, leggings, boots, and a belt. I just recently discovered how much I like belting scarfs, if only because it hides the tum tum! It’s belted with my most-favouritest belt from Valu Village. I love this belt. It’s genuine leather, and I wear it alteast twice a week. Long enough to wear with jeans when I want to, short enough to wear at the waist when knotted.

Anyways, I’m just about to be late for my ride, so I best be on my way. I’m not even going to spell check this post. I’m a rebel. Have a great night all!

We be thriftin’

October 19, 2011 — 4 Comments

Greetings, blogopshere! You’re here a) because you responded to my shameless promotion on twitter and facebook, or b) by accident. Either way, I welcome you to what may be my third blogging venture, and very much hope you come back.

Now, what’s this all about? Well, the title, as dorky as it is, should give you a pretty big tip-off as to what you can expect to find here: I’m one thrifty lady, and I’d like to regale you with tales of my thrify style.

Second, why bother? I’m a full-time-and-then-some graphic designer/photographer, so why on earth would I start up yet another project to take away my precious time? Well, that’s actually the reason in itself – Because I’m so busy with work, I want an an outlet that’s just for fun, and just for me – no clients, no expectations, no deadlines. I’ll post what I want when I feel like it. The freedom that comes with this sort of outlet is what I’ve been cravin’ for some time now.

Third, why thrifting? Well, mainly because it’s not my job. I’ve tried blogging about typography & design before, but it never stuck. To put it plainly, my life is consumed with analyzing fonts and photo filters, so I hardly feel compelled to write about it on my “down time”. Additionally, I’m a girl with many interests, and thrifting happens to be the one thing that ties them all together. I’m no fashionista, but I love clothing. It’s one thing to leave the house feeling like you’ve pulled a neat little outfit together, it’s another to leave the house in a neat little outfit that’s made up entirely of second-hand items and el-cheapo finds. I apply the same philosophy when dressing my house: I’m not an interior designer, but hunting for second-hand housewares gives me a buzz. No box-store sectionals in my living room, no sir!

There’s something so satisfying about digging for diamonds at local thrift stores, it’s actually given me an allergy to malls. They are gross, expensive and souless; while thrift stores are cheap, exciting, and full of other people’s stories.

On a surface level, this is style blog. But I hope, occasionally, I’ll get to explore some of the treasures I find on a deeper level, and perhaps awaken passion for second-hand styling in my readers. It’s eco-friendly, social-concious, and

Oh, and one more thing: I promise I’m not only of those bloggers who gets all holier-than-thou about thrift shopping, but actually buys from super-fancy consignment shops and vintage “boutiques”. I’m a Sally-Anne girl through-and-through. I like my shirts under $10 and my dresses under $20!

Won’t you thrift along with me?