Blizzies, Blossoms, Bracelets & Belts

March 31, 2012 — 20 Comments

A few weeks back, I was an enjoying a dinner with some good friends. Over dinner, the conversation turned to ice cream (this is a common occurrence when you hang out with me).  Specifically, my friends expressed their delight at being members of the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club. Every couple of months, they receive coupons for free Blizzards. All this time, DQ had been handing out free ice cream I’d been paying full price like a chump! Not long after we parted ways, I too signed up for the DQ Blizzard Club. Over the past few weeks, my husband has signed up, my sisters have signed up, and if it were allowed I’d get my cat to sign up too. I’ve now become accustomed to a weekly Blizzard, with or without coupons. It’s crossed over to that dangerous place when I eat an item of food so much I give it an obnoxious nickname. Observe:

It’s pretty obvious – I’ve got a Blizzie problem, and I’ve got it bad. A snack-sized Blizzard hovers around the $3 mark. $3 is a small price to pay for a good 10 minutes of Reese peanut butter deliciousness. However, I wore a collection of items the other day that might be the wake-up call I need to kick this habit. Most of the items I’m wearing in this post also cost me $3. That belt? $3. That vintage camera case reborn as a purse? $3. That yellow and green bracelet? 3 Cuban pesos. The final kicker? That rainbow, floral explosion skirt was $3 as well (and had a tag from a previous vintage dealer that deemed it a $39.99 skirt). These items didn’t melt. These items didn’t leave me with a bloated dairy belly, and these items will be in my closet for the rest of my days.

All four pieces amounted to $12. $12 could get me a Reese Blizzard, a Skor Blizzard, and a Cookie Dough Blizzard for Matt. But my closet wouldn’t be nearly as colourful, I’d have to go back to using an actual purse, and my arm party would be bereft of its most colourful attendee. What kind of a life would that be?!

The next time the scarlet Queen tries to tempt me with her hot eats and cool treats, I’ll look back on this post to remind myself how much further those $3 can go. Get behind me Blizzies!

PS: When ever I was stumped for paper titles in my university days, I’d just go way over board with alliteration. Looks like I stillll got it.

20 responses to Blizzies, Blossoms, Bracelets & Belts


    Love, love, love this outfit! And the price makes it even better.

    Now if you’ll excuse me–I need to go locate some ice cream!



    This post, among many, is why your blog is so awesome!



    This skirt is so amazing! And as much as I love “blizzies” I think I would rather spend the $3 on a really awesome skirt like that! 🙂




    The skirt is pure spring, and I adore it! I am officially on the hunt for a vintage camera case! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    Dossome 🙂


    Stepping My Way to Bliss April 4, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Cute ensemble and colorful! I am a Heath Bar Blizzard fan myself. Haven’t had one yet this year and I think it may be about time! ~~Bliss (or Blizz)



    There is no such thing as a blizzie problem. Snack on!



    love that skirt! I love the floral print and the bright colors, very spring like.



    Love the skirt julie! and how did I not know about this blizzard club!! I am getting on that RIGHT away..


    Lisa @ Simple Fashion and Decorating April 6, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    That is such a pretty outfit ! Of course the prices make it even better ! I would much rather buy something to wear than ice cream !



    I cannot get over how ridiculously awesome that thrifted crossbody bag is. Do want!



    WHAT!! That bag is amazing.



    That camera purse is awesome! Its so lovely and wonderful!!!! And you know that its unique!! AHHH IM DIEING FROM THE AWESOMENESS and the beauty! And that skirt! You look terribly terrific!! See that alliteration there? Not as good as your title haha



    That skirt looks as good as ice cream tastes!



    Love this outfit.Its stunning.


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