Spring Fling

April 16, 2012 — 22 Comments

Can we all just take a minute and reflect on the wonder that is spring time? The mornings are crisp and cool, the afternoons are warm and breezy, and beautiful buds all over the place are emerging from their winter sleep. It’s also the one season that allows me to wear this outfit without discomfort or peculiar glances. You see, this outfit is from two worlds. The top is a summery, sheer blouse. The bottom is a heavy, wintery wool. These two star-crossed lovers only get to hang out in the short, sweet months of spring. What a romance!

If I had worn this blouse two months ago, I’d get corny jokes about not checking the weather report. If I wear this skirt two months from now, well, frankly it wouldn’t be very comfortable. This is an outfit that can exist solely in these perfect months between winter and summer, like daffodils, or May sweeps TV!

So, it’s warm enough for a Hawaiian luau on the top, but cool enough for a Joan Holloway Christmas party on the bottom. Here are a few other springtime benefits:

  • It’s warm enough to enjoy the blooming magnolias, but cool enough that I don’t have address the garbage left over from a feisty raccoon attack, currently covered up by a whack of soggy leaves.
  • It’s warm enough that I don’t have to wear nylons, but cool enough that I don’t have to shave higher than my knee (oh, who am I kidding, do I ever?).
  • It’s warm enough that I might actually go for a run, but cool enough to avoid looking like a sweaty dog 10 minutes in. However, this could also be perceived as a negative , as my “poor weather – can’t exercise” line may no longer work. Although I swear my “bad ankle” is acting up these days – I blame it on the rain.

Oh. It’s been a while since I got really braggy about my cheaper-than-cheap finds, so I need to tell you the most expensive thing I’m wearing is the $6 shoes. Everything else was $3.50 or less. That’s how we do. This outfit may come and go, but I’ll be going hot n’ heavy with those prices for life.

22 responses to Spring Fling


    you are ADORABLE!!

    will you please tell me how to do my hair like yours? looove!



    really great style. I love the shirt! Great post & pictures X



    I love this spring romance you have created!What a fantastic colour that skirt is and to have a blouse to match so perfectly…fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing!



    Adorable!!! I absolutely am loving vintage-y pencil skirts like that right now too. I have a blue one that I want to wear all the time, but it was 90 degrees out today where I was, so that was just a tad uncomfortable. Tomorrow it will be 60ish, so pencil skirt is definitely happening!




    Oooh…I just thrifted a purple pencil skirt and you just inspired me to pair it with blue. Great job on the thrifty finds!


    Lisa @ Simple Fashion and Decorating April 17, 2012 at 10:59 am

    beautiful outfit, great thrift finds !



    What an awesome blog! Great thrifty inspiration. You look amazing and I love your outfits. I’ve already scoured through half your blog and think I’ll come through with my pinning button now.



    First off thank you for you comment on my blog, I love new friends and musical taste is good enough ground for me to be yours. Second, I stinking LOVE your blog. You have the cutest style and your thrifting skills quite possibly out weigh anyone else I know. I’ve been through a couple posts and I’m off to read more. I’m definitely a new follower.



    Love the outfit and the pictures!! Love this.



    You look great! Purple is my favourite colour. I’m envying your ability to go bare legged in a skirt: we’re having weird in-between weather where it would be strange to put tights on, but without, you’ll get frostbite!




    Gorgeous outfit! Simply smashing! I’ve got a few pieces like that which only work in the ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ perfection that is spring weather. I feel like I have to give them maximum exposure for the few weeks that they’re actually weather appropriate 😀



    Love this perfect mix! Those spring blooms look beautiful.



    I LOVE the blouse! The entire outfit actually. Love love love…

    Vang 🙂



    I really like how you paired the bold colors and balanced them w/a neutral shoe. Colorful clothes are the best.


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