My piece of the pie

May 26, 2012 — 17 Comments

EEE! Where did that last week go? I try my darndest to be a bi-weekly blogger, but that hasn’t been the case, has it? My family will tell you I’m a masterful excuse-maker, so I do have one lined up for my longer-than-expected absence.

As mentioned previously, I only write about an outfit if I have something moderately interesting to say. Lately, I haven’t felt all that inspired by anything in my closet, nor have I rushed out to fix that. You see, a few months ago, I arbitrarily assigned myself a monthly thrift-budget. I can’t say I’ve always stayed below my limit, but I have tried to hover close to it. This month, though, I blew it away in one foul swoop with a vintage dress purchase. Since then, when I drive by my favourite thrift shops, I close my eyes, plug my ears, and shout “lalalala!” as I pass, endangering the lives of fellow drivers everywhere (don’t worry, that was sarcastic, please don’t call the po-po). But seriously, even with the summer merchandise continually refreshing thrift store shelves, I’ve resisted. And while that’s meant less blogging, it’s probably good for my marriage.

I married a fella who makes financial spreadsheets for fun. He gets very excited about, and gets very sad when I don’t make the appropriate reaction to his latest plan for a tax-free savings account. I appreciate the pretty charts generates every month, and it’s fun when he tells me how much money we’re saving, but I like using money much more than counting it. So, I relish in the opportunity to play a part in the overall budgetary success of our marriage. Thrifting gives me that. I may not have known what “RRSP” stood for until very recently, and I take way too long to pay my credit card bill, but I also know that the little piece of the budget chart that shows our spending on clothing and house decor would be much bigger if I weren’t a thrifter.

Take this outfit: This blouse was still tagged at $89.99 when I bought it for $6.99. These Theory shorts were a last-minute, no-change-room buy at Talize for $7.99. Similar shorts retail online for $130.00. That’s cray-cray! I spent $15 on this outfit. Normal people (okay, rich people who use five dollar bills to line their pets’ beds) would have spent $205 dollars.

I can’t always tell you my five-year financial goals, and I have to pause before I explain the advantages of a variable mortgage over a fixed-rate one, but if I keep close to my monthly thrift budget, and save 92% on all my clothing purchases, I’ll feel pretty good about my financial health. That may mean less blogging, but it would get me high fives from Suze Orman and Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Now if only I could be as similarly disciplined when it came to our food rule. We started aiming for two meals out a month, which was just laughable. I blame Hamilton for that one though, there’s just too much good stuff to eat. Speaking of, sushi calls. Sayonara!

17 responses to My piece of the pie


    I cannot believe you found Theory shorts for under $10. So jealous!



    I love this look! Those shorts are ADORABLE!



    I was JUST thinking last night that I hadn’t seen a We So Thrifty post in awhile (I swear)! Your will power is commendable. I don’t know if I control my shopping like you can!



    haha this cracked me up, mostly because i identify so much with it – my husband uses, too… and it reminded me of a post i read a couple weeks ago of a female blogger with a similar husband love it and love your outfit



    Hehe I’m like your husband. I’m gutted that I can’t use because I live in New Zealand and I’m always excited when my financial situation changes and I can make a budget spreadsheet! I don’t even go opshopping because that’s spending too much money for my tastes. I try to get my clothes for free xD

    That is an awesome outfit. I’d be plotting to steal your shorts if they had a higher rise.



    I would enjoy more posts πŸ˜‰
    I’m a Hamilton mom of three. Love looking at your style. Wish I had more time for thrifting.
    Thanks !



    Those shorts are AMAZING! You look lovely! πŸ™‚ What a bargain! πŸ™‚ I found two vintage swimsuits this weekend for less than $4 each. I will never ever pay retail again. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!



    I think it’s awesome that you’re able to (at least mostly) keep track of your budget! those shorts are adorable by the way!



    Those shorts ARE awesome. Almost as awesome as you saying “po-po.” Love it.



    I love people that are just as crazy in love with the adrenaline that is the thrift as I am.



    Love the blouse and the shorts! (and blowing your “thrifting” budget on that gorgeous mod dress was SO worth it!!!) πŸ™‚


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