Easy Does It

March 6, 2013 — 19 Comments


Two weeks ago, I decided I needed a new winter coat. Like, “new” new. As in, not from the thrift store (yes, that still happens sometimes). I have suede coats and vintage trenches galore, but I still lacked something 100% suited for Canadian winters at their worst. While I am fully aware winter is on its way out, March can be pretty crummy. So by purchasing a parka now, I’d still get some use out of it, and I’d get it at least 50% off. Because my limbs are about 25% longer than the average person (I guess I’m doing a percentage thing in this post?), I knew I’d have to do a far amount of scoping to find something that works. Not too long into my search, I ended up at the Long Tall Sally website. This store was formerly a Tall Girl, and Tall Girl pretty much got me through high school, because ankle pants just weren’t in style back then.

Guys, I was on that website for hours. HOURS. Days changes to nights. Food expired in my fridge. G.R. R. Martin finished the last two Game of Thrones books. It was that long. While normal people speak of the ease of online shopping, I find it to be one of the more difficult and insane activities human beings have taken to. There are too many options, too many colours, too many sizes, and too many styles. How do you choose between charcoal or slate? Textured or non? Size 8? 10? 12? IT’S TOO HARD.

This overwhelming experience stood in stark contrast to how I usually shop. You know when I found that navy Ralph Lauren blazer? On my lunch break. You know what it costs me? $2. You know what size it is? I have no idea. I just bought it ’cause I liked it. Same story goes for that colourful scarf, and the belt, and the purse. While some people might find the limitations of thrifting frustrating, I find them positively freeing, because there are only three questions I have to ask myself:

1) Do I like it?
2) Does it fit?
3) Does it smell?

And that’s it. So simple!



While I eventually did eventually order a coat off of the Long Tall Sally site, I’m still terribly anxious over its impending arrival. Should I have listened to customer reviewer 104 who said it might fit funny at the hips? Or should I have gotten the one with the down filling, even though reviewer 3762 said the down clumps at the bottom? I chose the coat with toggles, do I like toggles? What IS a toggle, anyway? I thought that was something people did to their emails?

Even after I’ve made my purchase, the options not chosen are still nagging at me. But have I ever had a single regret about the $2 spent on this Ralph Lauren blazer? Nope. Online shopping has opened up a glorious new world of infinite possibilities, and if that thing floats you’re boat, live it up like you’re on a boat. I, on the other hand, would basically drown in the sea of too many choices. Like this! Thus, I think I’ll stick to the thrift stores. 90% of the time, anyway.


Blazer: Salvation Army | $2
Belt: Talize | $0.99
Bag: Salvation Army | $5.99
Boots: Me Shoe | $50 (from $250!)
Photos by the lovely Yen!

19 responses to Easy Does It

    vintagefrenchchic March 6, 2013 at 8:12 pm

    I hope you will LOVE your new coat. The choices can be overwhelming. Ironically, I just posted about shopping vintage for winter coats. Go figure. : )



    Im sure you will let us know how the coat fits and show us what it looks like:) but it is very hard to shop online for clothes and shoes…:/ I loved this whole look, you look beautiful! Was your top also thrifted?


      Julie Van Huizen March 20, 2013 at 11:10 am

      Thanks Leslie! Actually, the shirt is from years ago, and I cannot even remember where it came from. I wasn’t thrifted, and I cut the tag out upon purchase because it was itchy. A mystery it shall remain.



    love the blazer – your blog has converted me to thrifting – I take the whole family and we always thrift first before regular stores..Thrifting is freeing – hope you don’t mind but I’ll be using your three questions – do I like it, does it fit and does it smell? Love it…


      Julie Van Huizen March 20, 2013 at 11:09 am

      That’s amazing! I haven’t yet convinced my husband to come with me. But that’s just as well – he doesn’t like regular shopping either 😉



    i am the same way with online shopping. i like to be able to see it in person and see that if it doesnt fit, can i still get it and alter it myself or make certain changes to update it all at the great cost of under 4. i just believe there is no comparison. good luck with your coat. i hope its spendid!



    I agree with you so much that I was able to overcome my usual lurky state. Online shopping is the ever loving worst, but because I’m a big ol’ cheapskate I feel compelled to do it. The deals! At thrift stores I don’t have to worry about surprise shipping costs, I’ll know if it fits (and probably take it home even if doesn’t), and there’s no return policy to decipher. Yay for thrift stores! And yay for We So Thrifty!



    A lovely casual outfit. I love the blouse is lovely with fantastic fabric. The entire look is balanced, youthful and pleasant. A very attractive proposal, and pretty.



    That’s a great casual outfit. I know what you mean, if the thrifty item does fit quite right, back it goes and you’re only out a few dollars. I recently bought a new coat and it took me hours too!



    You look adorable! I love that blazer so much – I agree with you; thrift shopping is rarely regret shopping.




    GRR Martin finished the last two Game of Thrones Books… HAHAHA! That made me laugh so hard. Hope you like your new coat!


      Julie Van Huizen March 20, 2013 at 11:06 am

      Haha GOOD! Although I must confess, I haven’t even read them. I do, though, have a countdown scheduled to March 31. (SEASON THREEE!)



    I’m having a mini anxiety attack over here just reading about your experience. Excited to see if the coat lives up to expectations.


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