Good blouse, great lakes

July 1, 2013 — 9 Comments

Nautical blouse + sailor shorts // We So Thrifty

Nautical blouse // We So Thrifty

Nautical blouse + sailor shorts // We So Thrifty

Dear everyone,

Today is Canada Day. Actually, that’s a big fat lie, today is actually June 29. See, I’m being a responsible blogger, and preparing a post to automatically publish on July 1. Why can’t I publish this post myself on July 1? Because I’ll be on VACATION. ON A BEACH! WITH WATER! SAND! AND SUN! I’m leaving my email, my Facebook, and my Twitter behind (but keeping my Instagram, because one of the perks of a good vacation is being able to brag about it via overly-filtered photograph). What am I taking? This made-in-Italy blouse from the Salvation Army, these made-in-UK shorts from Talize, two bottles of SPF 30, and four bags of candy from Bulk Barn.

While it may not be July 1 as I write this, it will be July 1 as you read this, so perhaps all I’ll say is that this country is the greatest. We have the most Great Lakes, the most hot Ryans (Gosling, Reynolds), and the most outrageous made-in-Canada TV programming. At this point, you may point out that I should probably be wearing items that are made in Canada, but the beauty of this great country is that we don’t care where you’re made – once you’re here, you’re Canadian.

Oh Canada!

Nautical blouse + sailor shorts // We So Thrifty

Nautical blouse + sailor shorts // We So Thrifty

Blouse: Salvation Army | $2.99
Shoes: Talize | $11.99

Photos by Yen!

9 responses to Good blouse, great lakes


    Awesome blouse, awesome post and sadly I’ve never been to Canada but it sounds like a great country, too! Have a great vacation! 😉



    Oh my gosh, that blouse is amazing, and you look fabulous. Enjoy that vacation! 🙂



    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. I love the shirt so much! I love the photos. I love your energy. I’m following you.



    I love this blouse, it’s beautiful. When combined with black shorts, get a look, chic and attractive.



    Wow, awesome blouse! Have fun!



    That blouse is just amazing! Hope that you had an awesome day at the beach and have a wonderful vacation!




    Check out my blog to find out all about italian fashion! 🙂



    Happy Belated Canada Day! I am speechless over your nautical print Salvation Army blouse. You + Yen have the best luck!


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