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Rainy Day Women

September 26, 2013 — 15 Comments

Maxi dress + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

Maxi dress + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

Maxi dress + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

Antique jewellery + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

I haven’t blogged in a while, but that’s a good thing. If I had kept up with a 1-2 entries per week schedule, this would be the third entry that features this maxi.  I scored this Rachel Pally dress at the Salvation Army 4/$15 sale a few weeks ago, and I’ve worn it preeeeeetty much everyday. I wear it on the weekends, I wear it on the weeknights, I’ve worn it to church, I’ve worn it to the grocery store. It is, apparently, the one item my closet was missing, and now my closet is still technically missing it because it’s on my body all the time.

This dress is just another reason why I love thrift shopping. Had I ever heard of Rachel Pally before? No. Would I have? Not likely. But am I grateful to know there exists a woman who has devoted her life to making comfort stylish? Yes, yes I am. Now that I  have a chic maxi dress supplier, all I need is for someone to make cheese sticks healthy and I will no longer want in life.

My enthusiasm over this dress is obvious. So why did I take so long to put it on the blog? Eh, mostly because wearing a tent of jersey makes me want to eat those unhealthy cheese sticks and watch TV. But also because every time I’ve worn it out of the house, it’s rained. Not just piddly-widdly rain: pouring, constant, ain’t-no-outfit-photos-happening-today, rain. Now that this entry has finally come together, though, I hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

The first time I attempted outfit photos in this maxi was a few weeks ago at a massive antique fair with Yen. It rained so hard, though, all I got was a lousy selfie. HOWEVER, that rainy-day excursion resulted in the two lovely necklaces you see me wearing today, bought from a soaked antique vendor for $5 each. So, it’s a good thing I waited.

The second time I wore this dress out with the intention of an outfit post was, again, with Yen for a little vintage shopping in Hamilton’s International Village. I wore my two new necklaces from our previous outing, and brought an umbrella. The rain came, and didn’t leave, but we were able to take shelter long enough to get some photos.

…And we had company.

Right before we started snapping, Yen noticed a poor little squirrel who had also decided to take refuge under the bus terminal, but had grossly overestimated his tight-rope abilities. Friends, I have taken a lot of photos in my day, but I don’t think I’m over-stating it when I say this is one of my best.




Real talk: all the junk I wrote in this post previously was just to get to this point. This baby squirrel is adorable. I don’t know what his name is but I hope he’s ok. You see, just as Yen heroically grabbed the bag that housed her new (and poofy) vintage purchase to soften his inevitable fall, his little hands (claws?) slipped off the wire and he took a tumble. He missed Yen’s makeshift landing pad by a couple of feet, and scampered off to a corner where he basically just hyperventilated to himself until the weird blonde ladies left him alone. Before we headed back out into the rain, he was feeling good enough to growl at us, which we took as a good sign. I promised Yen he would be OK, and she claims she hasn’t gone back to look for him yet, but I have my doubts.

Funny, huh? When I started this post it was all “quality comfort maxi dresses hooray!” and then it took a crazy twist and now you’re reading about a tight-rope walking squirrel. Who saw that coming? This entry has more twist and turns than next week’s Breaking Bad finale. And now I’m talking about Breaking Bad! Man. Who knows what’s next? Open forum.

Before things get further out of hand (claw?), let’s recap this route of the crazy train and call it a day. Maxi dresses, especially when thrifted, are nice. Rain is not so nice, but rain might lead you to antique necklaces and adorable squirrel photos, and that adorable squirrel might go through some tough times but we all hope he’ll be OK in the end, just like…JESSE PINKMAN.

…I think my squirrel friend has a name now.

Maxi dress + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

Antique jewellery + denim jacket // We So Thrifty

Dress: Salvation Army | $3.75
Necklaces: Christie’s Antique Fair, $5 each
Purse: Talize | $7
Jacket: Talize | $12.99
Shoes: Talize | I forget.

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Have you guys ever done karaoke? That’s a dumb question. Of course you have. It’s, like, the best. Although, my own experiences behind the microphone up until last weekend weren’t particularly memorable. In college, we’d occasionally frequent a pool hall with a group so large, I’d *maybe* join the stage for the chorus of Summer Lovin’. More often, no one would join the stage because the karaoke master would monopolize the microphone, singing songs to keep her country starlet dreams alive.

I’m happy to say, though, that’s all changed. Last weekend, my lovely sister Adele turned 30. So, we celebrated. We went to Toronto for dinner, and a karaoke bar for dessert (figurative dessert: we ate the gift of music?). Memories (and incriminating videos) were made that night, my friends. It was the right group, the right atmosphere, and the right mix of gin and tonic. That said, before I went on stage for my first number, I had to muster up a bit of bravado. I had to realize how bad I’d sound, accept how stupid I might look, and be totally OK with all of it it. The fact that my sisters were alongside with me made that part easy.

It was also easy because I had already mustered up my fair share of courage before I even left the house that day. I know, I know, crop tops aren’t the “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” piece they were two years ago. But it still look me a while to adjust to that teeny strip of tummy. Obviously, that’s a bit silly, because this outfit is comparatively modest to everything else spotted in T.O. that night, but I still had to give myself a pep talk. Vintage crop-top combos aren’t anybody’s usual wear, but a few examples on Pinterest (like here, here, and here) gave me the push I need. So, I committed.

I don’t have any regrets on either front. This outfit is a strong contender for my favourite of the summer, and between the 13 of us at the karaoke bar, we made some inspired selections. My sisters and I relived all the joy of the late 90s with Third Eye Blind, my bro-in-law proved he knows all the words to Ice Ice Baby, my friends did an *actually good* rendition of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and the birthday girl was sufficiently embarrassed by being forced to sing Jump Around, a song that is not even remotely suited for karaoke. Heck, even my husband sang. Courage was courageous (…and on tap).

I don’t think it will ever be possible re-create the magic mix that happened in Toronto that night, but at least it’s wholly achievable to wear this look again. Hey, I can always sing in the shower.

Vintage crop top // We So Thrifty

Crop-top combo (what do I call this? A suit? Separates? Please advise): Salvation Army | $15 (Thanks to Yen for cropping ma top!)
Necklace: Salvation Army | $3
Purse: Talize I think? | $7
Shoes: Spring Shoes

The Dog Days are Over

September 5, 2013 — 11 Comments

Vintage gingham + seafoam // We So Thrifty

Summer's end // We So Thrifty

Vintage gingham + seafoam // We So Thrifty

Picnic wear // We So Thrifty

Picnic basket // We So Thrifty

Oh, nuts.

I’ve been trying very, very hard to deny the arrival of fall. Usually I’m all “BRING ON THE PUMPKIN FLAVOURED SCARECROW LEAVES!” or something, but for some reason, I can’t muster up the usual cinnamon spiced-enthusiasm. But I think I’m going to have to board the hay ride sooner rather than later, because as I view the photos posted above, I can’t deny the “final days of summer” vibe they’re giving me.

The context largely contributes to that . Yen snapped these photos at a picnic in the park two weeks back. She prepared some Korean sushi, and we brought along our Matts for the final Seven Sundays concert in Gage Park. She knew this was the last chance we’d have to sit in front of that gorgeous seafoam band shell (colour-coordination accidental!), and I now have to admit that it was probably my last picnic of the year. The roses will keep wilting, the sun will set earlier and earlier, and the nights will soon call for sweaters instead of vintage gingham.  Don’t get me wrong: if we do encounter a mid-October heat wave, I’ll break out the cut-offs and margarita mix like it’s July 31, but warm nights like the one in these photos will soon be a rarity rather than the norm.

Since I’ve come to terms with summer’s inevitable demise, I’m glad that I big adieu to it in the right way: I can hardly think of a more “YAY PICNIC! YAY SUMMER!” outfit than the one I’m wearing. I picked up this (reversible) gingham top from New Olds on James Street for $10, this skirt is the summeriest of colours, and I finally got to use this way-too-cute picnic basket my Mom thrifted years ago. It’s like I conducted a mini-purge of my most-summeriest items.

So long, sweet summer. I totally get why Dashboard Confessional got all emo about you. Sing us out, boys.

Vintage gingham // We So Thrifty

Roses are pink // We So Thrifty

Top: New Olds | $10
Skirt: Salvation Army | $5.99
Shoes: Salvation Army | $3.99
Basket: Mom