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November 25, 2013 — 16 Comments

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + layered necklaces // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Let’s talk about that last photo for a second. If ever Kevin Williamson (creator of Dawson’s Creek and the Vampire Diaries – two of my more shameful Netflix binges as of late) were to craft a show for me to star in, this is the image they’d use. This particular image looks especially appropriate for a spin-off from a teen drama. Something comparable to J. Love’s ill-fated spin-off to Party of Five (why isn’t that on Netflix?).

This one would be called “Miss PhD”, and it’d be about a sassy doctoral candidate that leaves her small town troubles behind, and heads to the big city to pursue her PhD. Oh! Brainwave! On the original show, she breaks off a stifling engagement, and so on the poster for the spin-off, it would say “this time she’s doing the proposing” GET IT? Because she’ll be making a doctoral proposal? Nailed it. Her love interest would be a dashing young professor named Phil (‘cuz Dr. Philos), and she’d call him Dr. Phi—-ahhhhh that’s not going work. We’ll workshop that part.

I would also definitely be recast as Kristin Bell shortly after filming the pilot episode, but I’d get over that and then watch every episode before its inevitable first-season cancellation.

Either way, I obviously have to go make this poster now. Before that, though, I’ll just tell you that I thrifted this sweater from Talize for $7 and I think it’s great. The end.

…Or maybe it’s JUST THE BEGINNING.

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater // We So Thrifty

Sweater: Talize | $6.99
Necklaces: Salvation Army | $2.99 + Spring Shoes | $10

Skirt: Super old, Ricki’s I think?
Boots: $250.00 | The Boot Shop
Purse: Gift

The Cable Girl

November 15, 2013 — 25 Comments

Mens' sweater + chunky knits // We So Thrifty

Mens' sweater + chunky knits // We So Thrifty

Mens' sweater + chunky knits // We So Thrifty

Omigosh that post title is SO LAME. I just didn’t want to call it “Sweater Weather” like every other blogger, and I only know like two other songs about sweaters, and they don’t really apply, and this is kind of a cable knit, and Matt likes that (terrible, terrible) movie The Cable Guy, so I just went with it OK?

If you’ll excuse the poor title, I actually like this outfit quite a bit. It’s the fruition of a specific thrift trip, and if this were a TV show, I’d start playing the “Thirft Triiiiiiiip” music right now, but it’s not. I do have a graphic though! *imagine theme music*

Behind the Seams // We So Thrifty

On this particular trip, I had a clearly defined objective. I don’t always recommend thrifting this way, as I find the best things when I’m not even looking for them, but it paid off this time around. I wanted a big, comfy, cozy, dude sweater. Y’know – something to unwrap christmas presents in, and wear leggings-as-pants with. So, I skipped over the lady sweaters and headed right to the man sweaters. They’re bigger, and for this particular purpose, better! Also, two of the three sweaters I pulled from the men’s section were clearly ladies sweaters anyways.

photo 1

Like this one. This was an old school United Colors of Benetton sweater. I loved the print, I loved the loose fit, and I love finding stuff from that label. BUT…it was itchy. I sort of tried to excuse away the itchiness “Ah, I’ll just wear a long sleeved shirt underneath!” but soon realized that if I have to create conditions for wearing it, it’s not the one.

photo 5

This sweater cracked me up. It is THE quintessential dude sweater from 2002. I can vividly recall boys from high school with this exact America Eagle sweater. Back then, high school Julie would have loved to have had a boyfriend, and a boyfriend sweater to borrow. But high school Julie was forever relegated to wearing her own Old Navy fleece vests and Campus Crew hoodies for warmth. Anyways, this would have looked even more terrible on bony ol’  highschool Julie than it does on adult Julie, so it all worked out for the best.

photo 4

Not much to say about this one, except that it was cute in a 50’s football star kind of way. But I’ve come to realize that the only cardigans I really love are the ones that sang this classic from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Pass.

photo 2

And so we come to the winner! This sweater won out mainly because of the gloriously long sleeves, which I am handily pointing out to you in the photo above. Just so you don’t miss them. Thankfully, with the right scarf and pair of boots, this sweater is not only good for eggnog-infused TV binges, it’s even wearable outside of the house. If my satisfaction with this find weren’t apparent enough, this photo of me doing the jauntiest Leo Strut is the last piece of proof you need:

Leo Strut // We So Thrifty

Yeah Leo. We rule! I hereby grand all of you permission to meme me too. Go internet!

Mens' sweater + chunky knits // We So Thrifty

Sweater: Valu Village | $7.99
Scarf + purse | Gifts from Mom
Belt: Bibles for Mission | $0.99
Boots: $250.00 | Splurge of the season from The Boot Shop


November 11, 2013 — 4 Comments

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

This dress is a gift from Jentine. Followers of hers will have heard the big news by now: Yen is starting a store. This is hugely exciting news all around – Yen is excited because she’s chasin’ dreams, Hamilton is excited because she’s got one of the best eyes for good vintage in town. The thing that sets Yen apart from many’a a shop owner and blogger, though, is not just her own fabulous personal style, but her knack for figuring out the style of others.

Take this dress an example: Have I ever stated my style manifesto to Yen? No. Have I ever given her a measurement or even a ball park size window? Nadda. But is this the third dress she’s hand picked for me that fits my closet and my body? Yep. She’s a magician, and we’re all going to be better dressed in Hamilton because of it.

When Yen sends me those glorious texts (“I found you a dress”) I never question a) that I’ll like it and b) that it will fit.  It always does. So I was grateful to have the opportunity to try to reverse the relationship this month, and attempt to  do something for her that she a) likes and b) fits.  No, no, I didn’t try to find her a dress. That would be like finding sunglasses for Anna Wintour or giving cookies to Santa. Wait a minute… ANYWAYS, what I’m saying is, over the passed few weeks, I’ve been designing the brand (logo, web, tags, cards) for Yen’s store, and I’m happy to say she’s been the easiest client in the history of clients. Basically, it’s gone like this:

Julie: Here’s your logo!
Yen: cats
Julie: Here’s what your blog should look like.
Yen: cats

Did I do an in-depth discovery session with Yen? No. Did she fill out a standard creative brief questionnaire? Nuh-uh. But did I land on something that reflects her vision? Yep! And, as the icing on the cake, I love it too. Fashion is her trade, design is mine, and when we trade them, heart-eyed cat emojis happen.

The details of Yen’s store will be spilling all over the internet in the new few weeks. We’re not at the reveal stage quite yet, but if you stare at the wall in these photos long enough, it’ll put you in a nice trance to pass the time. Meanwhile, I’ll be submitting a small addendum to Jessica’s Hische‘s otherwise flawless Should I Work For Free? Chart: Will you get free dresses that you’ll love forever and ever? Then by all means, get to work.

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Colour-blocked ponte dress// We So Thrifty

Dress: Yen
Necklace: Salvation Army | $4
Dickie: Salvation Army | $2