November 25, 2013 — 16 Comments

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + layered necklaces // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Let’s talk about that last photo for a second. If ever Kevin Williamson (creator of Dawson’s Creek and the Vampire Diaries – two of my more shameful Netflix binges as of late) were to craft a show for me to star in, this is the image they’d use. This particular image looks especially appropriate for a spin-off from a teen drama. Something comparable to J. Love’s ill-fated spin-off to Party of Five (why isn’t that on Netflix?).

This one would be called “Miss PhD”, and it’d be about a sassy doctoral candidate that leaves her small town troubles behind, and heads to the big city to pursue her PhD. Oh! Brainwave! On the original show, she breaks off a stifling engagement, and so on the poster for the spin-off, it would say “this time she’s doing the proposing” GET IT? Because she’ll be making a doctoral proposal? Nailed it. Her love interest would be a dashing young professor named Phil (‘cuz Dr. Philos), and she’d call him Dr. Phi—-ahhhhh that’s not going work. We’ll workshop that part.

I would also definitely be recast as Kristin Bell shortly after filming the pilot episode, but I’d get over that and then watch every episode before its inevitable first-season cancellation.

Either way, I obviously have to go make this poster now. Before that, though, I’ll just tell you that I thrifted this sweater from Talize for $7 and I think it’s great. The end.

…Or maybe it’s JUST THE BEGINNING.

Polka dot sweater + pencil skirt // We So Thrifty

Polka dot sweater // We So Thrifty

Sweater: Talize | $6.99
Necklaces: Salvation Army | $2.99 + Spring Shoes | $10

Skirt: Super old, Ricki’s I think?
Boots: $250.00 | The Boot Shop
Purse: Gift

16 responses to Spin-Off


    Beautiful look and wonderful sweater. I love the necklace.



    great look – that necklace was a steal – I was just at a Stella and Dot party and necklaces that look very similar to that start at $128 and up!



    Ugh, I am jealous of your sweater. I love polka dot anything! Well, almost anything. I would probably not wear polka dot cargo pants.

    I also think Miss PHD is a fantastic idea and I hope your sitcom is followed up every night by the styling/thrifting/modeling show hosted by you and Jentine. It’s about (prime) time!



    Hahahhahahahaha…. That is all. I love you.



    I love those gigantic polka dots! I am looking for something similar for next weeks Thrift Style Thursday post πŸ™‚



    I would totally watch that show…



    O-M-G. ahahahahahaha!

    (Sidenote: I am a legit PhD student and a LEGIT Dawson’s Creek fan, so this post is basically everything ever… also, I can’t wait to show this to my fellow 30-something colleagues who will be able to appreciate it in all it’s glory! ahahaha…)



    I love your White Christmas post! But I couldn’t find the comment section under it, I would wear every single one of those dresses! You are absolutely right – tis the season to get thrifty!
    ~ Zhenya


      Julie Van Huizen December 14, 2013 at 8:34 am

      Thanks so much Zhenya! And thanks for the tip about my comments. For some strange reason they weren’t enabled. Fixed now though πŸ˜€



    I cannot stop laughing at Miss PhD (that instagram, LMAO). Seriously, you are one comical person Julie, and I love it.


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