Sissy Fight

April 10, 2014 — 17 Comments

Vintage blazer, ripped jeans, leather boots // We So Thrifty

Vintage blazer, leather boots // We So Thrifty

leather ankle boots // We So Thrifty

Vintage blazer, ripped jeans, leather boots // We So Thrifty

I’m from a family of all girls. Those of you who know me in real life know that my three sisters are my best buds. We’re eerily close, get together on the regular, and agree about everything. It’s not normal. Matt will attest to that –  when we’re discussing contentious subjects, it ends up with us shouting “YES I AGREE!” “YES, AGREE LOUDER!” “SO AGREE!” at each other.

But don’t let our creepy-sister-hive-mind fool you – we fought when we were kids, a lot. Scratching, spitting, slapping, journal-reading, name-calling, hair-pulling – we were holy terrors to each other.

Most of the time, the sister fights would be limited to sparing pairs. I’d fight with Laura, since we were the youngins’, and my older sisters would fight with each other. Only very rarely did a four-sister fight occur, and when it did, it was about clothing. While there’s a bit of a gap in between my older sister and my youngest one, for a brief time, we all fell in somewhere in the pre-teen/teenage category. It was in this window that the Battle of the Black Tank Top (like the Battle of Blackwater, but more intense) took place. The stakes were pretty high: I mean, how could I wear my American Eagle hoodie without the GOOD black tank top? While we all had black tank tops of our own, we evenutally lost track of whose was whose, and thusly held different ideas about who laid claim to the GOOD stretchy medium one with adjustable straps. As we yelled and screeched along hallways and across slammed doors, it’s a marvel my dad didn’t just flip over the dinner table Alan Rickman style and say “Nope, I’m done. Sons or bust.”

Despite episodes like this one, I never really wanted brothers. That said, I always assumed I would have fought less with a brother. I mean, sisters steal clothes from each other, but brothers? Naaaah.

…Wrong. The last three shirts I’ve thrifted (included the denim Gap one I’m wearing in these photos) are men’s. My collection of men’s plaid shirts is growing at a steady rate, and Matt has explicitly banned me from wearing any of his clothing. And let’s talk about my new boots: gorgeous, leather, made in Brazil, scored at The Edit for $40 – and, Jentine guesses, likely men’s as welll. If a black tank top brought on a sibling-wide battle, boots like these would have prompted an all-out war.

Geez, just think the carnage! I I think I’ll keep my sisters, thanks.

Sidenote:  Does anyone else remember the game from which this post takes its title? It was SO AWFUL! And I played it SO SO SO MUCH! With the slowest internet connection known to man!  Oh, internet, you leave us so many treasures.

Vintage blazer, ripped jeans, leather boots // We So Thrifty

Blazer: Girl on the Wing // $10
Denim Shirt: Salvation Army // $2
Jeans: American Eagle // $25
Purse: Clothing Swap // $0.50
Boots: The Edit // $40

17 responses to Sissy Fight


    I Hope the sign over the door says Virgin apes. Cuz I think it does.

    My older sisters were jerks who (when I finally was no longer shaped like an 8 year old boy – way later than necessary JUST SAYING) never lent me their ‘new’ clothes. An item had to be at least no longer in style before it lost the ‘new’ title and thus MAYBE shareworthy. Bitches. I had terrible clothes. They coulda tossed me a scrunchie or SOMETHING. thank god I only had 2 of em. Someone younger than me to pick on would have been nice. No wonder I was such a pouty kid.

    Those boots are killer. I wish more men wore a women’s size 6,5 cuz if be stealing those.



    oh my goodness that blazer is AMAZING! Spots and flowers and black and white? So perfect!



    Oh wow, I LOVE that blazer. So pretty and unique. 3 sisters? What a lucky lady. Never a shortage of good clothes to swap and trade.

    Lindsay xx,



    Grrrrrrl you are rockin this outfit!! Love the look and the fun post about sibling squabbles! My sisters and brother and I all fought over who knows what through our youth, but it’s so fun now to all have each other as friends now that we’re adults. And I definitely remember getting yelled at for “borrowing” some of my older sisters’ stuff, too, haha! 🙂


      Julie Van Huizen April 24, 2014 at 8:25 am

      Oh yes, sometimes I’d “borrow” an item and put it back before they even got home. What they don’t know can’t hurt, right? 😉



    Wow- you are so lucky to have a few sisters and that you all get along so well. I’ve definitely picked up on that through Instagram 🙂 Love that blazer, lady!



    This outfit! I LOVE it! Also, I have a sister and a brother and, trust me, I fought with each equally. My sister and I fought over clothes (anytime one of us borrowed something from the other, we’d decide we wanted to wear it instead…) and my brother and I fought over food (Cheez-Its are serious).



    My sister and I are nine years apart. Very limited clothing battles. Although, I got stuck in the hand-me -downs that are a decade out of style. Not okay.

    I love your blazer, by the way! So adorable!




    I had fun reading this post as I recall our fights with my brother. We were not fighting over clothes though but we used to slap, kick…and he loved to pull my hair. But, we became best buds and he’s the one I’m with whenever I want to shop at our local thrift store. He has a keen eye for nice finds compared to me. Lately, we weren’t able to visit our local thrift store but I discovered an online shop on eBay called which has great deals as well.

    You got really nice finds. Love them 🙂


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