Ceci n’est pas une post

May 14, 2014 — 6 Comments

Neon scarf + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

Neon scarf + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

Neon scarf + bright lace // We So Thrifty

Neon scarf + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

This is one of those posts, you guys. One of those “oh whoops I haven’t blogged in three weeks but I took these photos three weeks ago so I best get ta’ posting” posts.

Once I actually got to posting, though, I had a little trouble framing a coherent piece around these pieces. In fact, there were three aborted angles for this particular post, and they were:

1) A post about my glasses and how I have terrible vision (-7.00!), and I’ve only met one other person in the world with vision as terrible, and then they went and got laser eye surgery, and now I’m all alone in the blind-bat club, and I have all these “girls with glasses can get it” t-shirts that no one wants.
2) There’s a record store behind me! And I look pretty record-store-y! And hey remember High Fidelity? That movie was great! So, who’s your favourite Cusack: John or Joan?
3) I wore this outfit the night Yen and I watched American blogger. Here are my thoughts about that particular piece cinematic cra…ftsmanship.

All three of these ideas didn’t make it passed draft stage for several reasons 1) Nobody likes a complainer; 2) Obviously Joan is the superior Cusack; and 3) There are only so many synonyms for “self-indulgent fluff,” plus Jessica at Blog Her totally nailed it already.

So, I’ll refrain from complaining, the Cusacks, and critiquing. Instead, I’ll skip the whole “post” part entirely and let the outfit do the talking. If any one item can carry a post all on it’s own, it’s a neon scarf, right?


Handmade scarf: So Chickadelic | $25
Jacket: Talize | $12
Top: Salvation Army | $5.99 (worn sans slip here)
Booties: Talize | $12.99





6 responses to Ceci n’est pas une post


    -8.5 vision right here!



    Lovely look! Love the cobalt and chartreuse!




    Firstly, I looove the colour of this top!!! It looks great on you! Secondly, Joan? Really? Have you never seen Serendipity?! aha… Thirdly, I am also not visually-gifted (-6.00) 😦 and I don’t even have a t-shirt to comically ease the pain…

    ok, I could go on, but I’ll stop at 3 comments! ahaha… Great post, as always!



    Oooh, this outfit is extra pretty, lovey!! I adore it down to every last detail. And… have been so curious to see American Blogger, but too bad to hear it didn’t do the ladies the justice they deserve! Hope your week is off to a fab start! xoxo



    THIS TOP! So pretty! Love it with the color of your scarf.



    That top is so gorgeous! That blue color is completely perfect on you!



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