The Good Stuff

June 5, 2014 — 9 Comments

Vintage florals // We So Thrifty

Vintage florals // We So Thrifty

Vintage florals // We So Thrifty

There comes at time in every thrifter’s life where you, ever so briefly, turn on the stores that raised your wardrobe. It may be the lack of hooks in every.single.change room, it may be the snotty college girls that show up looking for “like, vintagey stuff!” but more often than not, it’s a sparkly H&M mini dress priced at $29.99. “What is this madness!?” you say. “Where is the justice!?” you yell. “I rue your very existence, Macklemore!” you decry.

But just as quickly as the rage arrives, it’s turned right around by stumbling upon something like this dress. This dress is a beautiful vintage piece with boning built right in, and a full circle skirt made for dancing. It was only $7 regular price, and just so happened to be -50% the day it came into my life. I didn’t even try this dress on (crappy change rooms, remember?). Instead, I stuffed it in the cart and headed home (I paid first, guys, OF COURSE).

For all the wackadoodle ways thrift stores sometimes price their merchandise, they still occasionally give you the good stuff for little more than a smile. All is forgiven, my dear thrift store, for now.

Vintage florals // We So Thrifty

Vintage florals // We So Thrifty

Dress: Talize | $3.50
Purse: Clothing Swap | $0.50
Flats: Target | $12
Belt: From this Salvation Army dress


9 responses to The Good Stuff


    Love this dress! The print is gorgeous. Mackelmore….*shudder*, lol




    This is beautiful. Congrats on the score!



    bahahaha — it’s like you read my mind! I get so frustrated at the pricing — sometimes they mark things that they THINK are good brands too high and then leave perfectly beautiful designer stuff at regular low prices. One of my local Goodwill stores had a designer leather bag, looked brand new, marked HIGHER than the local department store sells the same exact purse!
    Happy thrifting!


    Betty Couture June 6, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Love the commentary, so spot on. Betty



    The dress is gorgeous and you look fantastic. I can’t believe you bought it for $3.50! You could have spent the other $3.50 on a dress for me, but I’ll forgive you for now. I hope you are enjoying summer! xo



    So true! This dress looks great on you. It’s lovely!



    Wow! Wow, wow, wow, I can’t believe you got this amazing dress for only $3.50! Oh, the highs and lows of thrifting. I’m glad your faith has been restored 😉



    That dress is so gorgeous! Half off days are the best!

    And girl, I feel you so much! (That came out creepier than I meant it to. Oops.) Anyway, I was at one of my favorite thrifts the other day and they had a dress for $35. Whhaaat? But, then I got vintage wedding veils for $2.50.Sometimes life doesn’t make sense.



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