Dear Dress

June 30, 2014 — 8 Comments

Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Dear dress,

We’ve only known each other a few days, so this may all seem just a little bit sudden. But I’m a firm believer in saying how you feel – and I feel that I love you. It was only a few days ago – the first day of summer – when our paths crossed and our destinies would forever be intertwined. I found you at the Salvation Army, burried between a very sparkly jumpsuit and a pilling sundress that had seen better days, but you lept off the rack and into my arms just the same.

It’s hard to say precisely why I know we’ll be in love forever, but I think it’s because I could actually wear you every day. And this summer, I just might.

I’ll wear you with birkenstocks around the campfire, and the next day, even though you’ll smell vaguely of hotdogs and I’ll pretend not to like it, I’ll wear to you the farmer’s market and buy flowers simply to stick them in my purse and take an instagram. I’ll wear you to the office on those disgustingly hot days where I really don’t want to wear anything but the Bullwinkle pajama shorts I had when I was 9.

I’ll wear you on the sandy shores of PEI, and you’ll end up covered in salt water because I’ll shout “I’m only going up to my knees!” just as a big  wave comes in and knocks me on my butt.  I’ll wear you to my first-ever lobster dinner, and together we’ll leave food hall covered in melted butter and full of meat that came from a clawed monster of the sea.

I’ll wear you to the grocery store, the coffee shop, and the church. And I know you’ll be up to the task. Why? Because a heather gray t-shrit maxi is the clothing-equivalent of a dependable ol’ workhorse. Giddy up, my dear dress, we’re in for a wonderful ride.

Sweatfully yours,


Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Belted t-shirt maxi dress // We So Thrifty

Dress: Salvation Army | $12
Belt: Salvation Army | $2
Watch: Salvation Army | $2
Clutch: Clothing Swap | $0.50
Sandals: Spring Shoes – really old

8 responses to Dear Dress


    Lovely easy breezy summer style!



    Adorable dress, adorable post – you are super cute and hilarious as always!! 🙂



    Hee hee hee, you are too cute and funny. I love reading your blog!!!



    I love your new dress and its marled detail but now you have to show us your Bullwinkle pajamas!



    I have a maxi dress that I feel the exact sans way about. They are amazing.



    Love the dress and post. I’ve missed your posts!!



    Such a gorgeous outfit! I’m in love with the mustard clutch and the belt detail- great post!


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