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Weird Science

December 30, 2014 — 12 Comments

Polka dots + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

Polka dots + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

Polka dots + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

Polka dots + leather jacket // We So Thrifty

First off, there is some strange magic in this top. I’mma tell you right now my belly is about 200% bigger than it appears on screen. Something about the pattern on this blouse is spinning you a web of LIES. Lies that will come crashing down as soon as you seeĀ a side profile. But hey! I’ll take it!

I found this blouse in one of my regular visits to Yen’s shop. The tag on it read “oversized vintage sheer blouse,” and at first I was like “who you callin’ oversized TAG?” And then I realized this blouse fits a 6ft1 8.5-months-pregnant lady, so yes, it is definitely oversized. And for that I’m grateful.

The other item of note in this outfit is my new (p)leather jacket. All you have to do is scroll through the past six months of entries on this blog, and you’ll understand why I needed a new one (I’ll save you the trouble: I wore my old one every day and now it’s gross). I took a trip to the Salvation Army on their 50% boxing day sale (still wearing my old grossĀ one), and this one jumped off the rack. It’s not real leather, so I’ll keep that dream alive, but it did feel like a step up from the cheap bombers you’d find at a place like Sirens or Stitches or wherever the cheap teen clothes are sold these days. It said it was designed in Canada, and even provided instructions on how to care for the fake leatha. It was certainly worth the $7.50 investment, and who knows! I may even be able to zip it up in a few months!

The greatestĀ thing about this find didn’t reveal itself until I had a chance to Google the label though (isn’t that often the case?). This jacket is from a clothier called AbbyShot. AbbyShot creates only the finest replica wear from your favourite sci-fi movies, tv shows, games and anime. It’s geek wear! All geek wear! Which is just fantastic.Ā 

I looked over their website, and their jackets go from $100-$500, all from a little Canadian company operating out of Newfoundland, Canada. So, obviously, I need to go to there.

The only missing piece in this wonderfully nerdy puzzle is I don’t know what movie/tv show/multiverseĀ my jacket is from. It’s not anywhere on their website, and my searches have turned up fruitless. So, my fellow dorks, please take a close look and let me know who I am in this jacket, so that I may I know what kind of magic abilitiesĀ or mega-cool weaponry I can pretend to have. I’ll be delivering a human in 2-3 weeks, and any additional superpowers would be most appreciated. šŸ˜‰

Jacket: Salvation Army | $7.50
Blouse: The Edit | $26
Pants: Talize | $7
Clutch: Salvation Army | $5



Winter Berry

December 1, 2014 — 8 Comments

Berry vintage coat // We So Thrifty

Berry vintage coat // We So Thrifty

Berry vintage coat // We So Thrifty

Berry vintage coat // We So Thrifty

Berry vintage coat // We So Thrifty

Let’s get right down toĀ it: Check out my AWESOME COAT.

In any other instance, this coat would warrant use of the word “awesome,”Ā or capital letters, but when you’re extra-preggo, it warrants the use of both of them together. Because not only is this vintage wool coat beautifully constructed, made-in-Toronto, and fullĀ all sorts of lovely detailing and with super-soft fur, but I can do it upĀ – for a good four more days at least! Miracle of miracles!

Alright, I’m playing up the struggles of maternity dressing a little here. Truth be told, it hasn’t been that much of a challenge. It just narrows down your choices in a big way. I fully admit I alternate between two pairs of pants and a variety of tunic things most of the time. It’s also made me an even-more selective thrifter, as I really can’t take something home and figure out how to wear it laterĀ – if I can’t get it over the hips in the change room, it’s not happening. This may sound like a convenient excuse for spotty blogging, but it’s true! Most of whatĀ I’ve thrifted throughout my pregnancy is very practical and wearable. There are only so many words one can pen about an XXL polyester tunic, and they are “This is an XXL polyester tunic.” But a coat in this colour and condition, scored for $25 from the Salvation Army? On that, I could writeĀ aĀ novel.

Looking back over the past few months, the only other thrifted item that deserves praise in a public forum is this number my Instagram pals with recognize from a few weeks ago:

Vintage maternity dress // We So Thrifty

This one would have made it into a proper blog entry if I hadn’t been a bozo and left my camera at home. Matt’s aunt Betty found this vintage Pea-in-the-Pod dress from Valu Village for $16, and I freaking love it. She actually brought it home for herself, having no idea it was a maternity piece – she just loved the real mink cuffs! Once she got home, however, she realized it was too big, and curiously roomy in the tummy. She figured out it what it was, and I’m tickled that she thought of me. She sent the dress home with Matt at a family wedding, and one week later, I wore it to another family wedding. It’s really almost bizarre how well it fits – the sleeves are SO LONG, and I have monkey arms! It’s destiny, I tell ya.

Both of these items, what with their fancy furs, are so perfectly suited for Holiday festivities, I’m now 100% aboard the Polar Express to Santaville. In fact, already reserved my seat with the Big Guy himself. Catch you on the North side, my fellow carollers!

Coat: Salvation Army | $20Ā 
Purse: Talize | $10
Booties: The Edit | $30
Dress: Valu Village | $16
Clutch: Salvation Army | $5