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Honouring the Weird

January 13, 2016 — 1 Comment

My family liked weird kids movies growing up.

We liked some non-weird movies, too: the usual Disney fare, a J.T.T. joint, lots of good family fun. But also? Weird movies: The Last Unicorn, Never Ending Story, The Electric Grandmother. Just weird. Maybe it was because they were the only children’s movies available at the library. Maybe it was because they were never rented out at the convenience store downtown. Whatever the reason, the only things that may have spent more time in the VHS player were my dad’s reruns of Star Trek TNG and a pirated copy of Casper.

Other kids in my class didn’t really watch these movies. They liked, I dunno…Wishbone? And so, when my slumber-party birthday rolled around, I thought it might be fun to watch one these weird movies with my friends. I selected a personal family favourite: The Labyrinth.

…It wasn’t well received. They didn’t like it. They thought it was creepy (to be far: it is), but they laughed for the wrong reasons, and we didn’t finish it. And that was that, for a time. Not too long after, though, a friend who was at that party came over again. As we plotted out how to spend the rest of our day, she asked, almost sheepishly “…could we watch that goblin movie again?”

That moment was significant, and is, in some ways, the official start to a friendship that would go from grade school friends, to high school besties, to college roommates. It started there because that’s when I realized “this person likes weird stuff too.And you know what? That’s a big deal.

We watched The Labyrinth together that day, and many times after. We’d sing the songs, we’d recite the dialogue, we’d draw silly pictures of Jareth in the margins of our school notes. We fully embraced the wonderful weirdness of that movie—and in each other, really—for years to come.

As I read over the tributes to David Bowie on my Facebook timeline, so many things came through: his innovation, his artistry, his boundless creativity. But for me, it’s his legacy as a Conduit of Weirdness that I’ll forever treasure. Before the internet made it all-too-easy for other weirdos to find each other, David Bowie was there to light the way. And now that light has dimmed.

For a hot minute back in 2013, I did yoga. Like any good yoga class, most would end with a communal Namaste: “The light in me honours the light in you.” As the rest of the world bids goodbye to Bowie, something very similar is rattling around in my brain to sum it all up: The weirdness in me honours the weirdness in you, good Sir. Thank you. ❤


Barbie Girl

July 20, 2015 — 6 Comments

80s Barbie Dress // We So Thrifty

80s Barbie Dress // We So Thrifty

80s Barbie Dress // We So Thrifty

80s Barbie Dress // We So Thrifty

When I shared this dress straight from the thrift store change room on Instagram, I said it made me feel like I “walked out of the Barbie colouring book I had when I was eight.” I’m happy to report that, upon wearing this dress in the wild, that is still 100% true. In fact, I’m now beginning to suspect this dress has magical Take On Me properties, and when I wear it, the world itself becomes a Barbie colouring book.

I wore this dress to a birthday dinner out on the Hamilton waterfront. While the food was only OK, the atmosphere was incredible—the sun setting on the choppy water, the boats bobbing like birds off in the distance, the warm summer breeze that we all dream about for 9 months out of the year—just the best. After dinner, we took a stroll along the bay, and with each step, a new page of Barbie’s California Dream Colouring Book came to life. There was a roller rink, an ice cream shop, an assortment of adorable dogs, an old-timey trolley giving tours, and if that’s not enough, seniors and hipsters alike chillin’ on the hillside, taking in a free jazz performance (I’d also wager that AT LEAST one of the dudes on the water from the nearby Hamilton Yacht Club is named Ken).

barbiecoloringbook02And because the internet is a blessed-wonderful-nostalgia-giving machine, YOU TOO can relive the joy of a Barbie Colouring Book. Just click on that happy quartet of waspy teens to the left to make all your California dreams come true. (h/t to this blog for the scan!)

Since I can’t wear this dress every day, I think I’ll dust off the ol’ Laurentian pencil crayons and give this page a whirl. Just hoping I’ve still got the crazy skills on display in this photo:

L to R: Adele, Me, Robyn, and Laura, who is too cool to colour, and would rather play with an actual Barbie.

Dress: Salvation Army | $6
Shoes: Payless | $25
Sunglasses: The Edit | $15


August 28, 2013 — 14 Comments

Bright lace over bold florals // We So Thrifty

90s Kelly Kapowski dress // We So Thrifty

Bright lace over bold florals // We So Thrifty

The other day, a co-worker of mine suggested that it’s much too early for 90s nostalgia. I wasn’t even a part of the conversation, but very nearly spit cold afternoon coffee all over my desk in my rush to promptly correct him.  l informed him, on behalf of millennials everywhere (and, well, the Internet) that he’s dead wrong. All he’d need to do is spend ten minutes on Buzzfeed or Hello Giggles, and he’d see the appetite for the 90s (and early 2000s, even) is stronger than ever. Stronger than yesterday. Now it’s nothing but my way. My lonliness ain’t….WHOOPS I’M BRITNEY-ING AGAIN. See? The force is strong. Just ask Terri or this chick.

Anyways, If I were to offer an objective suggestion for the rule that would allow one to wax nostalgic about a certain decade, I’d say that once clothing from that decade starts selling in vintage shops, wax away. I picked up this 90s mini from the lovely Girl on the Wing in Hamilton a few months ago, and it’s a straight-up Zack n’ Kelly Dress. What is a Zack n’ Kelly dress? It’s what my sister Laura and I would call our Barbie dresses that were particularly snazzy, worthy of being worn by Kelly and adored by Zack. I have very vivid memories of demanding “MY TURN WITH THE ZACK ‘N KELLY DRESS!”

My own Zack n’ Kelly dress is floral, bright, and, thankfully, not quite short enough to send me to Mr. Belding’s office. But even so, I can say with some certainty that Kelly Kapowski would’ve rocked dress all the way into the college years. I’ve already offered my personal favourite Saved by the Bell moments on this blog back in 2012, so I think I’ll just leave it at that.

Sigh, remember 2012? Good times.


90s Kelly Kapowski dress // We So Thrifty

Bright lace over bold florals // We So Thrifty

Bright lace over bold florals // We So Thrifty

Dress: Girl on the Wing | $40
Lace Shirt: Salvation Army | $5.99
Shoes: Talize | $9.99
Purse: Clothing Swap | $0.50

Classic tee and long shorts // We So Thrifty

Summer hat // We So Thrifty

Classic tee and long shorts // We So Thrifty

This post was supposed to be very short. It was supposed to be about my new summer uniform from Talize: A coca-cola shirt from the Boys’ section, cut-offs from this trip, and brand-new Birkenstocks. The perfect blend of summer time ease and nostalgia.

I was going say that my long shorts make me feel like the fifth crew member from Now and Then, and then I was going to share one carefully selected tidbit from my summers growing up. But as I started to jot down a few of these memories, 27 years of sweet summer moments came forward, making it down right impossible to choose just one thing to highlight. Summer is the best, and if you don’t agree, then you’re doing it wrong. What’s about to follow is some good ol’ fashion self-indulgent blogging that won’t mean much of anything to anyone outside my personal circle. I’m going to be real with you for a second, and admit I got just a little teary compiling this messy list. It’s a good exercise, and makes you realize that even if your childhood was simple and unremarkable, as mine was, summers are magical, and that’s worth remarking on. Here are just a few things about summers passed, in rough chronological order, that I’ll treasure long after the sun sets on summer once again:


Days on days of playing in the park. Season’s passes to the Dick Lacata outdoor pool. Hanging out by the willow tree and thinking we discovered a new species after seeing a cicada lose its shell. Riding our bikes down Dayfoot. Walking to Choi’s Convenience for candy and freezies. Watching the train go under the bridge on the way back. Selling popsicles to the construction workers down the street. Playing soccer on the front lawn until it got dark. Hide and go seek in the yard.

Going to the cottage. Opa bringing us the most perfect scones and doughnuts at the Goderich beach. Opa’s tilly hat. Opa. Making drippy castles. Getting ice cream from the snack shack. Riding and rescuing our inflatable toys from the lake’s angry waves. Walking up the pier and jumping off it. Skinny dipping. Campfires. Feeding raccoons around the campfire. Creating a pathway of marsh mellows to our tent so the raccoons would come by again later. Realizing that was a totally insane idea. Drawing beauty queens in the big sunny front room. Checking for earwigs in the bathroom every night. Celebrating my birthday there every year. Playing badminton. Waiting for our parents to come back from Bayfield with new friendship bracelets. Going to the zoo. Concluding my sister was about to marry a pretty special guy because he had the patience to teach us all euchre.

Camping with the friends I grew up with at the Pinery. Realizing every one of us was wearing double-strapped Birkenstocks. Setting up my sleeping bag inside the tent. Breakfast at Best’s. Floating around the lake on a log. Having a shower after the beach, then waiting for dinner. Eating peanuts. Walking to the beach at night. Looking up at the stars. Naming constellations. Flip cup on a very uneven table. Flip cup victory cheer-offs. 90s sing-a-longs. Waking up to someone making breakfast. More euchre.

Going to Michigan. Getting a giant slap of apple cinnamon bread in Grand Haven. Coffee in the screened in porch.

The birth of my first niece on my birthday. Listening to Sam Cooke as I shuttled her parents back and forth from the hospital.

Camping for the first time with my husband. Camping with new friends and new family.

Realizing that no matter how old you are, vacationing with people you love is one of the best things for your soul.

I think I better stop this list now, because as I’m typing this, I’m thinking of the many other things that I could add. And so, in the interest of keeping this post under 1000 words, I’ll end it here. This summer, may your cokes be cold, your lakes warm (from natural causes, not pee), and your living be easy.

Shorts, tees, summer hat // We So Thrifty

Shorts: Talize / $7.99
Tee: Talize / $7.99
Belt: Talize / $2.99
Stetson Hat: VV / $4.99
Birkenstock: Miller Shoes / $129.95

Bossy Pants

February 14, 2013 — 14 Comments



Apparently, I was a bossy kid. My husband might tell you that I’m also a bossy grown-up, but it’s Valentine’s Day, so we won’t go there. At one point, my Dad even bestowed upon me the nickname “The Little Boss”. Personally, I would have preferred “The Little Princess,” so I could run away with The Little Prince, but I soon learned you can’t marry a cartoon. My sister Laura learned a similar lesson about computer game characters when she realized that Commander Keen would never be her boyfriend. Man, I loved that game…Where was I going with this again? Right! Bossy kid!

I was a bossy kid, and today, I’m feeling a little bossy once again. This bossiness comes from my dress, although this dress almost didn’t make it home. See, when I thrift, I’m usually a very decisive shopper. When the change room is about to bust open with 23 different garments, one must learn to say “yes” or “no” pretty quickly. Occasionally, though, I can’t make up my mind, and when I can’t make up my mind, I ask my Instagram followers to make it up for me. While I loved the way this 80s purple dress gathered in the front, and draped in the back, I wasn’t sure if it was 80s in the good way or bad. So, I posed the question to my fellow Instagrammers. The responses were mostly “80s good!” and one response in particular sealed the deal for me: “Very Judith Light.” Suddenly, the leafy opening credits of Who’s the Boss? passed before my eyes, and I thought “Oh what the heck, I’ll get the dress.”


For those of you who weren’t raised on TV, Judith Light portrayed Angela Bower in Who’s the Boss? For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve seen more than a few episodes of this show, even though the whole thing sort of creeped me out. I didn’t like Tony, I didn’t like Angela, and Mona just made me flat-out uncomfortable. Who’s the Boss? occupied this weird space in my childhood pop-cultural formation of TV shows I didn’t like, but watched anyway. My parents didn’t get home until 6, so I HAD to watch as much TV as possible before then.

Sure, we all loved Full House, Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince, and Saved by the Bell, and I’d still watch all of those shows in reruns, but those shows were the cream of the 90s child crop. On the other side of the pog, there were a whole host of lesser shows; shows like Who’s the Boss?, Sister Sister, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and The Nanny. I’d bet more than a few Beanie Baby Trading Cards that many others in my generation also wasted precious hours of their youths on these lesser shows. We did not like these shows. We did not look forward to their presence on the screen, and yet, we can still recall particular episodes from all of them. What was in the mid-90s water that convinced all of North America to let Fran Drescher be a thing? I don’t know, I just don’t know.



But here we are. I’m in a dress that could very easily go “Full Angela,” if I blew out my hair and kept in the shoulder pads. Oddly enough, that’s the reason I bought it. So maybe this is my way of reclaiming all the hours I wasted on not caring about Tony and Angela’s chemistry. I may never get back that time, but at least I got myself a pretty sweet dress out of it. And that makes me a Boss.

…Now I just have to find a way to reclaim the hours spent on Teen Angel. Yikes.


P.S.: These pictures were taken on the one-year anniversary of meeting my best blogger friend (BBF?) Jentine. When I started blogging, I thought I’d have some fun, but I never thought I’d end up with a real-life friend that I intend to keep long after blogs die off and fashion is replaced by silver space suits. Yen, you love cheese and cats and thrifting as much (and maybe more) than I do. For all those reasons and more, I love you. Cheers to many more years of removing the cat hair off each others’ vintage blazers.

Earlier this summer, I lost my favourite denim jacket. That was a painful loss, man. I cannot stress the importance of a sweet denim jacket in one’s closet. And this particular jacket was a real winner: Parasuco, scored at Goodwill in the USA for a measly 5$, worn to work, school, and sleep (okay, not sleep, but I did wear it here and here). I was half-tempted to spend my summer in mourning, untagging all my Facebook pictures with it because it’s too painful, then eating a small container of ice cream because that’s what TV has taught me to do.

Anyways, upon the realization that my ol’ buddy was never coming back in an epic Homeward-Bound-esque montage, I eventually found the strength to move on with a new love: this thrifted H&M jacket, worn today with a new thrifted dress (in purple! hooray!). Since this is the first time I’m wearing my new jacket on the blog, I intended to publish a posthumous tribute to it’s predecessor. Y’know, talking about all the things I miss about my old jacket, and all the things I like about my new one. Thrifting circle of life, yadda yadda yadda. Well, I started to work on the tribute, and even pulled a few photos together, when I was suddenly struck with a wicked case of deja-vu:

…I’ve done this before.

Not about my jean jacket, per say. But I had written a very similar ode to a jacket, long before I started up this blog.

You see, in the days prior to WordPress’ and Blogger’s dominion over the blogging universe, I had a LiveJournal, and when all my friends on MSN went to sleep, I wrote in it. I had a hazy recollection of writing about a jacket years ago. So, I returned to that ol’ LiveJournal that I had since totally forgotten about, and did some digging for that post. That’s where things get fun. I found the entry alright, only to realize I’m EXACTLY THE SAME AS I WAS SIX YEARS AGO. Except I don’t shop at Old Navy anymore. How funny is that?! It seems as though I was destined to be a blogger, forever fated to personify my favourite items of clothing with proper pronouns. I still have that jacket too!

I seriously debated sharing that actual link with you. Because if you’re as creepy as I am (which I know you are) you’ll spend some time clicking around that old LiveJournal to confirm your suspicions that I am big loser. In fact, I actually tried to log into that old Livejournal account to delete the embarrassing stuff, but guess what? I can’t. I don’t remember my password or the email I used to create it, and after trying a million times, I just gave up. (Today’s lesson: The Internet is forever.)

Needless to say, I found my old blog endlessly more entertaining that a few pictures of my old jean jacket. I spent so much time trying to prove that “I’m soooo snarky and have suuuuch good taste” – it’s hilarious! So, instead of a tribute to my jacket, how about a tribute to my old blog? I’ll even do you a courtesy by sparring you the effort it would take to scroll through pages of drivel, and just point out some of the goodies:

First off, I love that this LiveJournal is like a time capsule of technological developments for 2005 and 2006. Look how excited I am to get a Dell laptop! And here’s where I discover bit torrents! (In case the Government is reading: I don’t download music illegally any more). Oh, this one is a gem, because I call MySpace a successful blockbuster movie. Ah, to live in a B.Z. world again (B.Z. = Before Zuckerberg).

It’s also a time capsule of my pop cultural tastes (and distastes) in the late 2000s. Here’s where I cryptically predict the demise of The OC and Mischa Barton’s career. You’ll notice on that same day, I posted a link to a fanvid about Jim and Pam and their budding romance on the Office (NBC has since blocked that video for copyright violations, so in case the Government is reading: I don’t make fanvids anymore). My greatest discovery, though, is that Kanye West is STEALING LYRICS FROM ME: Read the second last line of this post.

Honestly, you’re more than welcome to click through that journal if you want to. Of course now it all seems a little silly, and a lot dated, but that’s okay. I’ve got nothing to hide. It represents a small little slice of who I was and – as that jacket entry has proven – who I am. Heck, I know all my musings on this blog will some day seem archaic.

While our preferences and references will age and expire, I can take comfort in one thing: The knowledge that a good jean jacket will age a lot better than any blog, provided you don’t lose it.

Foolish Games

June 11, 2012 — 19 Comments

I almost left this dress behind. Sure, I love the length and the print, but it’s very reminiscent of the Betsey Johnson dress I recently blogged, and the price sat just a little higher than most of the dresses I thrift. I was about to return the dress to the second-hand universe when I looked at the label. I’ll admit a high-end or vintage label can usually be the deciding stay-or-go factor if I’m on the fence. This label, however, wasn’t high-end at all. Oh, it’s vintage – probably late 80s. And I did recognize label, just not from anything in VOGUE. I recognized the label from my childhood. Observe:

What the heck right?! They just made Battleship into a movie, and this label would have me believe that at some point in the mid-eighties, they made UNO, everyone’s favourite card game, into a clothing line. Huh? It’s not like the label was just named UNO, either. The logo, the colour, the shape, it’s pure 80s UNO! This bizarre little dress came home with me, simply because I wanted to Google it (the purse and the necklace I’m wearing came home with me too because…I didn’t want the dress to be lonely).

Many times, the Googlematron tells me everything I need to know about vintage labels. This was not one of those times. It told me about UNO the bike wear company, UNO the California boutique, and UNO the Spanish for the word “one” (okay I knew that already), but did it tell me about an obscure 1980s clothing line that stole it’s brand identity from a card game invented in 1972 Ohio? Nope.

However, as is typical with all my WST endevours, I’m turning this dead-end into a post. In my search for answers, I spent a great deal of time collecting useless info on UNO, and it led me deep, deep into the web of 80s and 90s nostalgia blogs, retro board game dealers, and over-priced Etsy merchandise made from up-cycled UNO cards. I started looking for a label, I ended with a strong desire to compile a list of my favourite 80s and 90s kids games. And so, while I can tell you no more about this dress, I’m going to tell you about Guess Who and Trouble.

First, with the game that started this mess, UNO: I don’t have a lot to say about UNO, other than I never really liked it because we never had our own copy. I’d play it only at friends’ houses, knowing full well I was on their turf. Although I’d eventually seek revenge by inviting them over to my house for a round of Rummikub. Creepy face tile FTW!

UNO, as fun as it was, just didn’t hold my attention. I was more entranced by games that were made out of a lot of rainbox plastic crap. Point in case: Hungry Hippos! This game was so easy, and required little to no skill. Although its simplicity eventually became a problem. One summer evening, we grew tired of the game, so my sister dared her friend to pee in it. So she did. What? Don’t judge! Kids are weird! They pee on command!

Let’s also talk about the great amounts of stress these retro games induce. So many timers! So many buzzers! Nobody actually liked Operation. It was flippin’ scary. I remember playing this in the waiting room of the doctors office. Creeped me right out. Dumb move on the doctor’s part too, as I imagine he had to field many more unnecessary questions about how to avoid wrenches in your ankle and butterflies in your stomach.

In another category, we have the games that unintentionally taught kids about blighted hopes and dreams. Let’s single out Mouse Trap. What kid didn’t spend years pining for this plastic circus? Only to realize it takes 52 minutes to set up, and the pay-off isn’t worth it, even a little? Thanks, Mouse Trap, for peeing all over my child-like expectations. Looks like “pee” is this week’s theme. Who’d have thought? Let’s put in another nice picture of me to remind you guys I’m actually pretty classy.

Alright. On with the games. Perhaps no game was more psychologically damaging for my young mind than Girl Talk. That game was awful. I had to eat ketchup sandwiches, lie about the boys I liked, and when I messed up, I had to stick a ZIT ON MY FACE! That’s messed up guys. I probably spent years thinking my actual teenage acne was the result of my failures in life. Way to go, Girl Talk. I hope you get peed on.

I must confess this list is a little deceiving. While I played my fair share of board games, I actually spent most of my childhood on the computer, mastering pixely adventure games and Pizza Worm. I could easily add them to this list, but Commander Keen and Jezz Ball deserve an entry all their own. Maybe next time I’ll thrift a dress with an “MS DOS” label, because after “UNO”, you just never know.

As for my present day gaming habits, I’ve moved on from the computer now, too. Draw Something, anyone?

PS: Do my photos look extra special today? That’s because they were taken by Jentine. She rocks my socks and sandals right off.

Party Like It’s 1999

April 20, 2012 — 41 Comments

Let’s talk about this dress. It’s pretty nice, huh? It was $12, it’s a French label, and it’s comfy. Putting all of that aside, you know the first thing I thought when I saw this peaking out from a rack at Talize?


Not five seconds after I uttered those words, I had to stop myself:

“…Did I just think that? Butterflies? Really? Is it 1999? Is She’s All That still in theatres?”

After I regained my composure and paid the cashier, my mind went back to the butterflies. I spent the last ten years fairly confident I’d never get excited about butterflies again. That scene was played right out in 1999, and I made the most of it. I had butterfly shoes, butterfly shorts, and way too many butterfly hair clips. Butterflies were IT (I still know all the words to Crazy Town’s Butterfly. My dad can recite whole Coleridge poems and I can recite Hey sugar momma, come and dance with me / The smartest thing you ever did was take a chance with me. Terrible song.)

Anyhoo, the butterfly comeback got me thinking: what else from 1999 is on it’s way back? What’s already here? What never left?  While I welcome the return of the butterfly from its millennial cocoon, there a few trends that should probably stay buried with my Soul Decision CDs. If you are uninterested in platforms and sticky lip gloss, hop off this bus right now, because it’s headed straight down Memory Lane, accompanied by a wicked soundtrack of All Saints and Robbie Williams.

First up:

Body Glitter. Or face glitter. Or hair glitter. Or glitter of any kind actually. I vividly remember slathering my eye lids with gooey, sparkly gunk. Every time I blinked the dried goop would pull on my taught skin. Not a pleasant feeling. Plus I’d have to spend extra time removing sparkle crusties from my eye lashes at bedtime, followed by the intense burn of my Oxy Acne Wash.

Is it coming back? I don’t think so. I really hope not. Kesha’s doing her darndest to make it happen. But I think we’ve become immune to her powers. Although I just thrifted earring on account of their overall…sparkliness! Uh-oh. Curse you Kesha! You wily sphinx!

Inflatable furniture: I remember thinking getting an inflatable chair would be the BEST THING EVER. The problem was they were intensely uncomfortable, and a real pain to keep inflated. I had to force myself to sit in it, as I read Ella Enchanted and blasted my sister’s Sixpence None the Richer CD (most late-90s memory ever).

Is it coming back? I’m going to say no. I think that one has run its course. Unless you have a pool.

Centre parted bangs. Okay, this one is a little more subtle. Let me paint the scene: You’re just about ready go over to your friends house, where you will do nothing but read embarrassing moment stories in Seventeen magazine. You put your hair in a quick pony tail. You throw on your Sketchers. You’re almost ready to go. But wait! Your hair! It’s not quite done. You need to make sure you loosen your centre-parted bangs, and let them hang down the sides of your face, separate from your pony. NOW you look awesome. Let’s go to Bootlegger. Still not visualizing it? Who better to illustrate the dominance of this style than my two favourite ladies from 10 Things I Hate About You?

Is it coming back? Meh, I’m not too worried either way. 1999 hairdos weren’t nearly as offensive as stuff from the 80s, so we’ll see where it goes.

Celebrities with three word names: Jennifer Love Hewitt. Freddie Prinze Jr. Joseph Gordon Levitt. Rachael Leigh Cook. Sarah Michelle Gellar. You weren’t anybody unless your name was at least five syllables and had two spaces in between.

Is it coming back? Three words: Carly Rae Jepsen.

There are just a few more things worth mentioning before we close the book on 1999 again. And I’m talking about dudes. Turns out we were pretty on the money when it came to the hunks. I don’t need to ask if they are coming back, because they never left! Someone over at Buzzfeed scanned in some amazing pics from 1999 teen magazines. To all my fellow ’99 teenagers, high-five for good taste! Our crushes have aged like fine wine! Also, they call Joseph Gordon Levitt “Joey”. Cute.

Oh…with a few exceptions:


Still though, even Fred Durst’s stupid hat and Kid Rock’s unwashed hair can’t sully the legacy of 1999. It was a simpler time, when everything tasted like vanilla icing and Claire’s was a plastic paradise; a time without bald Britney or American Idol. And you know what? If butterflies mean a little more of ’99 sneaking back in style, I’ll welcome it with open arms, covered in temporary tattoos and WWJD bracelets.

If you’re still hankering for more ’99 trends, some blessed soul uploaded an entire 1999 Delia’s catalog. It’s bursting with camouflage, cargo pants, jelly sandals, Hawaiian shorts and so much more. Recommended musical accompaniment: This song. Unlike Crazytown, I still think it’s amazing. You’re welcome.